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Rusan Picatinny rail – Steyr SSG 69 Detajli

Picatinny rail consists of slots with 5.23 mm spaces between one another, which means that it can be used across its entire length. It is simple to mount and interchangeable – if something is made for a Picatinny rail, it will fit regardless of the manufacturer or manufacturing date. It is affordable, resilient and reliable – this is why it so commonly used by professionals and military. Because of all its great qualities, Picatinny rail has been dominating the rail market in the recent years.

Picatinny is a big step forward from the Weaver standard. Weaver has a few predesignated slots while Picatinny has slots all over its surface, allowing the device to be mounted wherever the user finds it fitting. Weaver’s slot is 3.8 mm wide, which is why all mounts made for Picatinny will also fit on a Weaver rail while those made for Weaver will not fit on a Picatinny rail. This is one of the main reasons why Picatinny is a far better mounting solution.

Rusan, a company from Croatia, is one of the manufacturers of Picatinny rails. They make mounts exclusively from steel and provide buyers with a wide selection of Picatinny rails for various rifles. They are made from high quality deep blue finish steel. Picatinny Rails include screws with appropriate thread for the corresponding rifle. Rusan covers 10 years of warranty for all its products.
About the rifle
Steyr Mannlicher, a renowned company that produces firearms, was founded in 1864 by Josef Werndl. It soon grew into a big company with great production capacity. In 1882, they faced a small crisis because of lack of large orders (they had supplied the European armies with breech loading rifles – demand declined). This is when Werndl used the company’s production capacity to manufacture all sorts of products along with firearms: dynamos, electric motors, light bulbs, bicycles, cars, trucks. The company’s most active years were without doubt during World War I when more than 4000 firarms were made daily by its 15.000 employees. The company’s name was changed to Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG in 1987.

Steyr SSG 69 is a bolt-action rifle, introduced in 1969, that is used as a standard rifle by the Austrian Army. It is known for its great accuracy and durability. Originally, it was chambered exclusively for 7.62x51mm NATO. Later, Steyr Mannlicher started making some models chambered for .243 Win. and .22-250 Rem. SSG 69 is equipped with a standard 5-round rotary magazine. The length is 1140 mm while the weight is 4 kg. The variations that can be found on the market are: SSG 69, SSG 69 PI, SSG 69 PII and SSG 69 PIV. The differences between the models are mainly in the cosmetics, except for the PIV model, which is equipped with a much shorter barrel. There are 6 lugs on the bolt. For mounting purposes, there is a 16.5mm dove-tail on the receiver. The action is push-feed.

Rifles Sako M10, Sako TRG (all models), Steyr SSG 69, Brno Fox, Tikka T3, CZ 527, Brunner 16, Brno ZKM 611 and Brno ZKB 680 have a 16.5 mm dovetail on the receiver for mounting purposes.

A: / (no holes)
B: / (no holes)
C: / (no holes)
BHU: 0 mm
Fi: /
R1: Prisma 16.5
R2: Prisma 16.5
Mounting instructions
Remove all the stains (grease, oil etc.) from the rifle’s receiver with a cleaning fluid (acetone). Once the surface is clean and dry, check whether the screws match the rail and the holes on the receiver. Make sure that the Picatinny rail is compatible with the the rifle by inspecting the mounting holes on both. Before mounting the rail permanently, apply a minimal amount of thread-locking fluid 278 or 648 on screws and contact surfaces. Be careful not to get the fluid in or near the mounting holes. Carefully clean the remaining excess fluid around the rail with a cleaning fluid. Using a torque driver, screw the screws appropriately (up to 2.2 Nm) – do not overtighten.
The product has a warranty period of 10 years.

Rusan Picatinny rail – Steyr SSG 69 specifikacije


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Rusan Picatinny Bases


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11 mm

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Picatinny Rail

/ (no holes)

/ (no holes)

/ (no holes)