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Rusan Picatinny rail – Anschutz 54 – 20 MOA Detajli

Picatinny rail consists of slots with 5.23 mm spaces between one another, which means that it can be used across its entire length. It is simple to mount and interchangeable – if something is made for a Picatinny rail, it will fit regardless of the manufacturer or manufacturing date. It is affordable, resilient and reliable – this is why it so commonly used by professionals and military. Because of all its great qualities, Picatinny rail has been dominating the rail market in the recent years.
Picatinny is a big step forward from the Weaver standard. Weaver has a few predesignated slots while Picatinny has slots all over its surface, allowing the device to be mounted wherever the user finds it fitting. Weaver’s slot is 3.8 mm wide, which is why ring mounts made for a Weaver rail will also fit on a Picatinny rail while ring mounts made specifically for a Picatinny rail will not fit on a Weaver rail. This is one of the main reasons why Picatinny is a far better mounting solution.
Rusan, a company from Croatia, is one of the manufacturers of Picatinny rails. They make mounts exclusively from steel and provide buyers with a wide selection of Picatinny rails for various rifles. They are made from high quality deep blue finish steel. Picatinny Rails include screws with appropriate thread for the corresponding rifle. Rusan covers 10 years of warranty for all its products.
20 MOA Inclination
20 MOA inclination is only needed when the scope runs out of elevation. For example, when shooting at the range of 100 m, shooter gains 58.2 cm / 100 m of additional elevation range with a 20 MOA mount. This is approximately 5.8 Mrad of elevation. To make things even clearer – if the target was placed at 100 m, the scope with 20 MOA inclined rail would aim to the center of the target while the rifle’s barrel would aim 58 cm higher than the scope. This gives the shooter extra elevation needed for long range shooting. If you plan to shoot on distances longer than 600 meters, use of rail with 20 MOA is greatly recommended. There is no negative effect of the inclined Picatinny rail in the mounting setup if you only shoot on shorter distances. The same goes also the other way around, since if you don’t shoot on extreme distances then Picatinny rail with inclination is not needed.
About the rifle
Anschütz is a renowned manufacturer of sporting firearms with headquarters in Ulm, Germany. J.G. They produce air pistols, air rifles, rimfire and centerfire rifles. The company was founded in 1856 by Julius Gottfried Anschütz. Currently, Anschütz manufactures rifles for hunting, biathlon and target competitions. Additionally, the company is also known as one of the major shareholders of Steyr Sportwaffen, an Austrian company renowned for the production of various target firearms.

Anschütz 54 is a bolt-action rimfire rifle designed for Target shooting. It is chambered for .22 lr. There are two action designs – Anschutz 54 and Anschutz 54.30 action. The new 54.30 action is smaller and more rigid. Barrel’s length is 660 mm. Anschutz 54 features 5018 Two-stage trigger with safety catch installed on the left side. There are 6 different stocks available for Anschutz 54: Super Match, 1918 Aluminium Precise, 1918 Aluminium Precise Benchrest, 1914 Walnut, 1907 Walnut and BR-50 Walnut. For the purpose of mounting, Anschutz 54 has an 11 mm dovetail installed on the receiver.

Rifles Weihrauch HW, Anschutz 54, Anschutz 64, Anschutz 1417 and Anschutz 1517 have actions of the same dimensions, which is why they share the same mounts. These rifles have an 11mm dovetail on their round-shaped receiver for mounting purposes. Mounts made for Anschutz will fit other 11mm receivers but mounts made for flat dove-tail surfaces will not fit Anschutz receivers because of the roundness of the upper part.

A: 12.7 mm
B: 76. 2 mm
C: 12.7 mm
BHU: 0 mm
Fi: 6-48
R1: Prisma 11
R2: Prisma 11
Mounting instructions
Remove all the stains (grease, oil etc.) from the rifle’s receiver with a cleaning fluid (acetone). Once the surface is clean and dry, check whether the screws match the rail and the holes on the receiver. Make sure that the Picatinny rail is compatible with the rifle by inspecting the mounting holes on both. Before mounting the rail permanently, apply a minimal amount of thread-locking fluid 278 or 648 on screws and contact surfaces. Be careful not to get the fluid in or near the mounting holes. Carefully clean the remaining excess fluid around the rail with a cleaning fluid. Using a torque driver, screw the screws appropriately (up to 2.2 Nm) – do not overtighten.
The product has a warranty period of 10 years.
Rusan Picatinny rail – Anschutz 54 – 20 MOA specifikacije


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Rusan Picatinny Bases


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Picatinny Rail

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