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Yukon Sideview 8×21 Detajli

The standout specification of these 8×21 Yukon binoculars is their 7° angle of view. This translates to a field of view is 130m wide at a distance of 1000m, which for a compact binocular with an 8x magnification is very good.

This feature is sure to please bird watchers in particular as a wide view makes it easier to locate and follow small, fast moving birds at close range. Another ideal use for a compact with a wide view is as a binocular for most outdoor sporting events. Here the wide view ensures that you are able to enjoy more of the on-field action without having to move the view about. This feature also helps ensure you don’t miss out on any important plays.

Whilst these binoculars do utilize anti-reflective coatings on their optics, the very small 21mm lenses are simply not able to capture as much light as larger ones and therefore like most compacts, these are best reserved for use during the day and in reasonably good light conditions.

At a distance of 5 meters, the minimum focus distance is sadly not as impressive as the field of view and therefore these will not make an ideal compact for uses like butterfly observation or as a binocular to take along to the local art gallery or museum.

It is normal for a compact to have less eye-relief than on most full-sized binoculars and these Yukon Sideview binoculars are no different. So whilst the 10mm you get will be enough for most users, this will not be sufficient to achieve the full field of view if you wear eyeglasses.

Yukon Sideview 8×21 specifikacije

Proizvajalec Yukon
Serije daljnogledov Yukon Sideview
Poreklo Belorusija
V proizvodnji od Ne
Garancija 5 let
SKU 22141
Vrsta prizme  Porro
Variabilna povečava  Ne
Povečava. 8x
Nastavitev dioptrije  +5 / -5
Premer leče 21mm
Izhodna zenica 2.6mm
Vidno polje  130.8m/1000m
Zorni kot (v stop.) 7.5°
Navidezni zorni kot (v stop.) 
Odaljenost očesa od leče 10mm
Najmanjša razdalja ostrenja  0m
Mračni faktor  12.96
Prepustnost svetlobe  Ne
Relativna svetlost  6.8
Premazi leč 
Dolžina 124mm
Širina 99mm
Višina 45mm
Teža 190g
Material Ne
Barva Zelena
Temperaturno območje -20 °C / +45 °C
Sistem ostrenja  Centralno
Nastavitev dioptrije Na desnem okularju
Tip zgradbe Enojni spoj
Odpornost na vodo  Ne
Odpornost na rosenje  Ne
Navoj za stojalo Ne
Kompas  Ne
Vgrajen daljinomer Ne
Stabilizacija slike  Ne
Plovnost  Ne


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