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Steiner Safari UltraSharp 8×30 Adventure Edition Detajli

In terms of their overall capabilities and performance, these are very similar to the standard Steiner Safari UltraSharp 8×30 binoculars. However, the limited edition Adventure models also come supplied with a set of special adhesive overlays that allow you to customise them to your particular tastes. You may choose to keep things simple and maintain the classic look, or you may wish to add a little flair with the wild leopard pattern or camouflage them with the black & white stripes of a zebra.

The 8×30 configuration delivers a reasonably large 3.75mm exit pupil and so whilst they might not quite compete against a full-sized 8x42mm binocular in terms of their low light performance, they will hold their own and you have the added bonus of having a much smaller, more lightweight instrument to pack and carry about.

It is for this and a number of other reasons that these make an excellent choice for travel, wildlife safaris and birding holidays.

The moderate 8x power helps these maintain a wide field of view which really helps you to quickly locate and then follow all of the action, even in the case of fast and often erratic moving birds.

Add to the wide view, Steiner’s Sports-Auto-Focus Plus hybrid system makes certain that you never miss out on the action whilst having to adjust the focus. This is because everything from about 20 meters away to infinity remains in perfect focus. Should you need to focus on nearer objects then you can use the centrally located focus wheel, which is great news for those who also like to observe things like butterflies at very close range.

Steiner Safari UltraSharp 8×30 Adventure Edition specifikacije

Proizvajalec Steiner
Serije daljnogledov Steiner Safari Ultrasharp
V proizvodnji od
Garancija 10 let
SKU 23300900
Vrsta prizme  Porro
Variabilna povečava  Ne
Povečava. 8x
Nastavitev dioptrije 
Premer leče 30mm
Izhodna zenica 3.8mm
Vidno polje  120m/1000m
Zorni kot (v stop.) 6.87°
Navidezni zorni kot (v stop.) 
Odaljenost očesa od leče 0mm
Najmanjša razdalja ostrenja  2m
Mračni faktor  15.49
Prepustnost svetlobe 
Relativna svetlost  14.4
Premazi leč  Več slojev – povsod
Dolžina 166mm
Širina 120mm
Višina 57mm
Teža 611g
Material Ne
Barva Črna
Temperaturno območje – 20° / +70° C
Sistem ostrenja  Ločeno za vsako oko
Nastavitev dioptrije Centralno
Tip zgradbe Enojni spoj
Odpornost na vodo  Da
Odpornost na rosenje  Da
Navoj za stojalo
Kompas  Ne
Vgrajen daljinomer Ne
Stabilizacija slike  Ne
Plovnost  Ne


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