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Steiner Ranger Xtreme 8×56 Detajli

With an excellent price to performance ratio, these 8×56 Steiner Ranger Xtreme binoculars were specifically designed so that they are able to deliver bright, high-quality views even in very low light conditions.

At 56mm in diameter, the lenses are larger than your standard 42mm version and thus are able to collect and let in more light. This in combination with Steiner’s fully multi-coated, High-Contrast Optical system transmits more light through the instrument with less unwanted reflections and thus produces brighter better quality views.

Another indication of their excellent low light capabilities is the very large 7mm exit pupil generated by the 8×56 combination. These large shafts of light exiting the eyepieces are able to match even the most dilated pupils and thus means your eyes are always supplied with enough light for you to make out the brightest image possible.

The tradeoff here, however, is that these larger lenses make for a slightly larger and heavier instrument and thus these are less suitable for the lightweight, minimalist hunter. Note: Using this binocular with a good binocular harness would be a good option if you do need to carry a lot of other gear like a rifle or bow and rangefinder over long distances.

Able to not only withstand but actually thrive in the toughest environments these binoculars have an advertised operational temperature range of between -15°C to +55°C and feature a nitrogen filled, fully waterproof housing to avoid fogging up in all weather conditions.

The housing itself is made from Steiner’s extremely tough Makrolon polycarbonate which can survive huge forces and impacts. Added to this is the NBR-Longlife rubber armour on the exterior surface that adds a further layer of protection, is resistant to perishing and provides a great non-slip surface even when wet.

Whilst the body is fairly large, the centrally located focus wheel is well positioned and easy to reach and turn even when using just one finger or whilst wearing thick winter gloves. This along with Steiner’s Fast Close Focus mechanism that requires less turning helps you achieve the perfect focus in less time making sure you never miss any of the action.

These, as well as many of their other great features, makes the Steiner Ranger Xtreme 8×56 binocular an ideal choice for the hunter, wildlife observer or general nature enthusiast who often operates at short-to-mid range distances in areas like dense forests or at times when the sun is just below the horizon and thus need the best possible capability in low light.

Steiner Ranger Xtreme 8×56 specifikacije

Proizvajalec Steiner
Serije daljnogledov Steiner Ranger Xtreme
Poreklo Nemčija
V proizvodnji od 2013
Garancija 10 let
SKU 51180900
Vrsta prizme  Roof – Schmidt/Pechan
Variabilna povečava  Ne
Povečava. 8x
Nastavitev dioptrije 
Premer leče 56mm
Izhodna zenica 7mm
Vidno polje  125m/1000m
Zorni kot (v stop.) 7.16°
Navidezni zorni kot (v stop.) 
Odaljenost očesa od leče 0mm
Najmanjša razdalja ostrenja  0m
Mračni faktor  21.17
Prepustnost svetlobe 
Relativna svetlost  49
Premazi leč  Več slojev – povsod
Dolžina 183mm
Širina 142mm
Višina 80mm
Teža 1130g
Material Ne
Barva Modra
Temperaturno območje -20 to +80 °C
Polnilo  Dušik
Sistem ostrenja  Centralno
Nastavitev dioptrije Na levem okularju
Tip zgradbe Enojni spoj
Odpornost na vodo  Da
Odpornost na rosenje  Da
Navoj za stojalo Ne
Kompas  Da
Vgrajen daljinomer Ne
Stabilizacija slike  Ne
Plovnost  Ne


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