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Steiner LRF 1700 10×30 Detajli

The LRF 1700 series from the German brand Steiner uses the latest laser rangefinder technology which makes it possible to continuously track and have an accurate distance measurement displayed within your view with just a single press of a button. For hunters of small and fast-moving animals, this is of great importance, especially when you consider that you no longer need to purchase a separate rangefinding device, thus saving you money and space.

Designed specifically for the hunter, but using much of the technology and experience that Steiner has in the military and law enforcement fields, the 10×30 LRF 1700 is a tough, yet lightweight and relatively compact instrument that will handle just about anything you throw at it.

Fully multi-coated, Steiner has used their high definition optical system on their LRF 1700 series that delivers an industry-leading level of light transmission for brighter, better quality views.

The fairly powerful 10x magnification gets you closer to the action without restricting the field of view by too much and thus it makes these a good choice at medium to longer ranges. Combined with the compact 30mm lenses the 10x power produces a 3mm exit pupil which indicates that these are best used in fair to good lighting conditions and so not ideal for those wanting to hunt at twilight or in thickly wooded areas. If this is a concern, something like the Steiner Nighthunter 8×56 is a good option.

These Steiner binoculars also feature their Sports-Auto-Focus system that has an incredibly long depth of view which means that once you have adjusted each eyepiece to your match vision once, the image will then remain in focus and razor sharp from about 20m right to infinity without having to make any further adjustments. This makes the binocular much easier to use and you can follow moving targets even using just a single hand whilst you hold onto your rifle or bow in the other.

Made from an extremely strong and durable polycarbonate Makrolon, the chassis on the Steiner LRF 1700 binoculars is able to take an incredible 11G of impact. Furthermore, Steiner uses an ingenious Floating Prism System that helps the optics also survive severe impacts without damage.

Fully sealed and filled with a Nitrogen-Pressure-Filling, these binoculars are also completely waterproof to a depth of 5 meters, are fog proof and have an impressive operating temperature range of between -40 °C to +80 °C

Exterior lenses also have Nano-Protection coatings on them that protect the surface from scratching and their hydrophobic qualities ensure that water simply rolls off which maintains a clear view and makes them easier to clean.

Steiner’s distinctive Ergoflex eyecups are not only comfortable, but the shields on the sides do a great job eliminating light and any other sort of distraction from the periphery of your view. This not only creates a more immersive experience but helps you maintain a better focus on your target.

Steiner LRF 1700 10×30 specifikacije

Proizvajalec Steiner
Serije daljnogledov Steiner LRF 1700
V proizvodnji od
Garancija 30 let
SKU 23160000
Vrsta prizme  Porro
Variabilna povečava  Ne
Povečava. 10x
Nastavitev dioptrije 
Premer leče 30mm
Izhodna zenica 3mm
Vidno polje  108m/1000m
Zorni kot (v stop.) 6.19°
Navidezni zorni kot (v stop.) 
Odaljenost očesa od leče 0mm
Najmanjša razdalja ostrenja  20m
Mračni faktor  17.3
Prepustnost svetlobe 
Relativna svetlost  9
Domet merjenja  1700m
Minimalni domet merjenja 10m
Enota merjenja  Jard, Meter
Možnosti prikaza Notranji prikaz
Čas meritve 
Natančnost  +/- 1 m
Meritev naklona  Ne
Kontinuirano merjenje  Da
Ciljnji način 
Balistični izračun  Ne
Osvetlitev križa  Ne
Barva osvetlitve
Dnevna osvetlitev križa 
Avtomatski izklop 
Premazi leč  Več slojev – povsod
Dolžina 140mm
Širina 165mm
Višina 0mm
Teža 785g
Material Makrolon
Barva Zelena
Temperaturno območje – 40° / + 80° C
Tip baterije Ne
Polnilo  Dušik
Sistem ostrenja  Ločeno za vsako oko
Nastavitev dioptrije Na obeh okularjih
Tip zgradbe Enojni spoj
Odpornost na vodo  Da
Odpornost na rosenje  Da
Navoj za stojalo Da
Kompas  Ne
Vgrajen daljinomer Da
Stabilizacija slike  Ne
Plovnost  Ne


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