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The combination of 7x magnification and 42mm objective lens makes these an excellent all-rounder (hunting, traveling, hiking, etc.)
These binoculars boast an outstandingly wide field of view (140 m on 1000 m)
The ergonomic design (great distribution of weight, quality twist-up eyecups) provides for an excellent user experience.
Leica used SCHOTT HT™ glass for their Ultravid HD-Plus binoculars. This glass contributes to an outstandingly high light transmission rate.
The AquaDura coating will make sure that the external parts of lenses are dust and dew free, contributing to the overall optical experience.

The history of Ultravid goes back to 2003 when the Ultravid BR models were launched. In 2007, Leica introduced the HD models. These already had the AquaDura coating applied to the external parts of the lenses. Also, some antireflection coatings were applied onto the surface of the lenses, and the field of view was slightly increased. Ultravid HD-PLUS was launched in 2014 when it replaced the Ultravid HD series. The biggest innovation that these series brought was the inclusion of SCHOTT HT lenses which improved the light transmission rate.
About the Ultravid HD-plus series
Just like all Leica products from the premium class, the Ultravid HD-plus binoculars are coated with AquaDura coating. Developed by Leica, this unique coating, applied to the lenses, will protect the surface from scratches and abrasion. Additionally, water droplets will roll off since the coating is hydrophobic, and dust particles will be simple to wipe away. The prisms used are of the roof type.

These binoculars are designed to withstand rough handling – the housing is made from quality magnesium. The focusing mechanism runs smoothly and the ergonomic construction allows the user to observe the surroundings comfortably. The weight is nicely distributed throughout the binoculars – the center of the mass is in the middle of the user’s palm, which is optimal for observing. Leica is known for using quality eye-cups on their binoculars and Ultravid HD-plus models are no exception.

This series was designed for demanding users. The combination of SCHOTT HT glass and the coatings applied to the lenses provides for a sharp, crisp, bright image. In the series, there are many different models to accommodate various demands: 8×32, 10×32, 7×42, 8×42, 10×42, 8×50, 10×50 and 12×50.

All Ultravid HD-Plus models are made in Germany.
About the model (7×42 HD-Plus)
Leica chose to add the 7x magnification model to their Ultravid HD-Plus binoculars with 42mm objective lens. Not only are these binoculars great for daytime hunting; they will also perform outstandingly well in twilight because of the 6mm exit pupil and the 42 mm objective lens. The 7×42 configuration binoculars are even less susceptible to hand shaking than the 8x magnification binoculars, resulting in a comfortable use. Because of this, these are great for beginners in the field of binoculars but will also be favoured among experienced binoculars’ users and hunters. As is expected of this configuration, the Ultravid HD-Plus 7×42 offers a huge field of view (140 m on 1000 m) but will not provide as many details as its counterparts with higher magnification (8x and 10x).

The combination of 6mm exit pupil and 42mm objective lens provides for a great performance in dusk
Great for all kinds of hunting; can also be used for travelling, camping, hiking, etc.
7x magnification
A field of view of 140 m on 1000 m
Features Leica’s AquaDura lens coating
SCHOTT-HT glass for an improved light transmission rate
Ergonomic design
Quality magnesium housing

The product comes with 10 years of warranty. You can read more about the warranty policy here.



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