InfiRay Tube TL35 SE thermal riflescope
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Riflescope front lens diameter
35 mm

Thermal sensor
384×288 12µm

1536×1080 AMOLED

Tube diameter (mm)

Magnification interval (x)
3.0 – 9.0

35 mm

Horizontal field of view (°)

User’s Guide

Data storage
32 GB built-in memory

Base magnification (x)

Eye relief
50 mm

Riflescope magnification
3.0 – 9.0x

USB-C charging and data transfer

Digital zoom

Diopter compensation
-5 – +4 dpt

Other properties
Photo and video recording (24 hours video or 20.000 picture) Video output WiFi

Power supply
built-in, rechargeable battery 3350 mAh

Detection distance
Human (1.7 x 0.5 m): 1800 m


3-year general warranty for the device, 10 years for the sensor, 2 years for the battery

Image repetition frequency
50 Hz

Screen color modes
5 modes

Field of view
7.5°x 5.3°

Shock resistance
6000 J

384×288 pixel, uncooled Vox microbolometer , 12 µm pixel size; NETD: <= 25 mK


Weight (g)

Operating time
up to 11 hours

Meet with TUBE SE Series

12um Sensor with NETD <25mK

TUBE SE is equipped with the 12um sensor with NETD < 25mK,which is lighter, lower power consumption, ensures perfect detailed recognition even in the hardest weather conditions when thermal contrast is low.



Easier to Carry

TUBE SE has a body that only weighs 720g which is 28% less compared to the normal 1kg thermal riflescope.



Easier to Use

Zoom Ring

TUBE SE adopts a zoom ring to adjusting magnification which is consistent with the using habit of the day scope. The zoom ring is made of silicone material, which is soft and comfortable, easy to twist and anti-slip.



Controller Controls Over 90% Functions

Over 90% functions can be completed by the controller of TUBE SE, the operation is simplified and to bring your more convenience during the night.



Easier to Shoot

Bluetooth LRF

TUBE SE is able to provide the distance measurement on the screen when the LRF is connected to the device through Bluetooth, earning you more chances to win in every shooting.



11h+ Working time

The working time of TUBE SE is up to 11 hours to keep your hunting going all night, so you don’t need to take the power pack and extra charging accessories.


Built-in Mic

TUBE SE is equipped with a MIC function, therefore customers can record the voice when recording.